Memorial Chapel in the parish church of Broekhuizenvorst

A few years ago, the idea came about to realise a Memal Chapel in the parish church of Broekhuizenvorst for Bishop Schraven and his Companions and for those who were violated by sexual violence.

In the summer of 2012, the Memorial Chapel was realised in the northern transept of this church with a first mentioning in 1214.

By some hundred volunteers, there is worked for 6 weeks at four large panels of 3,50m x 3,00m, to colour in the design.
Priest-artist Jan Haen CssR M.A. designed a work of art, by which he brought to life the martyrdom of Bishop Schraven and his Companions.

The story of their martyrdom, seen in the middle part, is connected in a unique way with ancient tales and the theme, “to deal with women” is held against the light of how we deal with it, in the upper part of the panels. The life of each human being with his or her unique story, floats on the stream of life in the lowest part of the panels.

Bishop Schraven defends women on the left.
The bishop and companions are blindfolded lead away and thrown in the fire later on, on the right.

Realisation of Work of Art

You will find a photo report about the realisation of the work of art in Newsletters Nieuwsbrief 18a 2012 and Nieuwsbrief 18c 2012and Nieuwsbrief 19 september 2012.
Look for Newsletters Nieuwsbrief (in dutch) on this web site.

Blessing of the Chapel

On Sunday the 14th of October the chapel was blessed by the Chinese Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, in the presence of assistant bishop Msgr. Everardus de Jong of the diocese Roermond and Abbot Bernardus from the trappists abbey of Koningshoeve in Berkel Enschot, on behalf of the trappists. And vincentians and relatives from the countries where the martyrs came from.

The ashes of the martyrs became a special place in the chapel. There was also a Japanese priest present on that day, who on behalf of the Japanese Bishops Conference, offered excuses for the murders in those days and the cruelties committed by the Japanese.

For a more extensive report, see our page Current Topics (in dutch)

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Visit to the Memorial Chapel

In the small village at the river Maas, between Venlo and Venray, you can not miss the church. When it is dark, the church is put in the spotlights.

On daytime, you see an artistic made patron of small Maas stones in different metaphor’s at, among others, the former presbytery and verger house at the backside of the church. The market square is also laid with those Maas stones.

Besides a glass-stained window with the coat of arms of Msgr. Schraven, the church has also a painted picture of Bishop Schraven from the hand of Mrs. Isabel Bakker Schraven.

As long  as there is not yet a definitive separation made between the aisle and the church, the chapel is not daily accessible.

There is however a possibility to visit the chapel by making an appointment via

The visit address of the chapel is : Kerkstraat 9, 5871 AP Broekhuizenvorst in The Netherlands.

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