On 26 June 2016 the Chinese Archbishop, Mgr. Savio Hon (Rom), will visit ‘Rose Village’ Lottum in the Netherlands at the invitation of the Mgr. Schraven Foundation. This in honor of Bishop Frans Schraven, born in Lottum, but cruelly killed by the Japanese army in China on 9 October 1937, along with eight companions, because he refused to offer them female refugees as "comfort women".

The Chinese archbishop is invited to give his blessing to the new Schraven footpath and the commemorative site for bishop Frans Schraven. The Schraven footpath is a new 10 km long attractive theme hiking trail starting at the Rozenhof in Lottum. The route takes you past several chapels, through attractive natural sceneries and to Kaldenbroeck, the birthplace of Bishop Frans Schraven (born 1873). At Kaldenbroeck Castle a special memorial site and cross for Mgr. Schraven will be consecrated.

Also, later that day, a beautiful blood red rose of Tantau Rosen will be officially named after Mgr. Frans Schraven in a very special way at De Rozenhof Lottum.

The bishop died together with his companions, martyred at his missionary post in China. The red color of the rose refers to the blood of the martyrs.

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