The Msgr. Schraven Foundation

During the invasion of China by the Japanese army in October 1937, nine missionaries were murdered and burned, among whom bishop Frans Schraven.
The cause that gave rise to this horrible deed was the refusal of the bishop and his companions to give in to the demand of the soldiers, to put the women and girls at their disposal as ‘comfort girls’, whom the mission had taken under its protection. This deed of self sacrifice may serve as an example for all times. Also in our time people are raped and murdered by unscrupulous individuals. A group of enthusiastic people have set up a foundation to throw up a dam against this unacceptable wrong that is done to many human beings.

Ideas of Msgr. Schraven

The ideas of Msgr. Schraven should be kept alive! The Msgr. Schraven Foundation tries to realise this by:

You also can be of importance

The directors of the foundation look for volunteers who want to help in the existing workgroups of the foundation. Everyone can put in his or her own talents. Look for this under the rubric workgroups on the page Contact. If you have further questions etc., contact the secretariate.

For this objective, money is needed.

We gladly invite you to become a donor of the Msgr. Schraven Foundation. A yearly contribution enables us to keep the memory and the example of the bishop and his companions alive and to propagate it.

Announcement as Donor Msgr. Schraven Foundation can be made via mentioning your name and full address, telephone number and possible e-mail.

Personally you can be a donor for € 25 per year or with a partner for € 35 per year.
Donor for life for € 500 only once.

Every year you will receive a notification from the treasurer after which you can transfer/remit your contribution.
Bank account: NL74 RABO 0148 1753 41 t.n.v. Mgr.Schraven Stichting Venray (NL).

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