People behind the Msgr. Schraven Foundation.

At the formation of the foundation on 17 November 2008 the following persons were taken in the directory:

Harry Schraven (Venray): chairman.
Vincent Hermans (Simpelveld) secretary.
Nelly Reijntjes-Schellen (Venray) treasurer.
Isabel Bakker Schraven (Bosschenhoofd)
Paula Görtz (Beringe)
Marja Leyten-Schraven (Utrecht) (member 2008-2009)
Martijn Wintermans (Den Haag)

Committee of recommendation:

Harry Jaspers cm, Provincial Superior of the Lazarists at Panningen
Lic. Alexander de Graaf Woutering, Dean of Horst, administrator of the parish of the Holy Name Jesus in Broekhuizenvorst


Wiel Bellemakers cm, Nijmegen/ Panningen, Lazarist
Frans Schraven, Tilburg, lawyer/ tax consultant

Correspondence address


Mgr. Schraven Stichting
Kloosterstraat 54
6369 AE Simpelveld (NL)

Bankaccount: t.n.v. Mgr. Schraven Stichting Venray
Registered: KvK nr. 14107975


Via several workgroups, the Msgr. Schraven Foundation makes her objectives operable. In the mean time some of those have started their activities and others want to do so. We introduce them to you:

1. Workgroup memorial monument

The order is the formation and maintenance of a monument, dedicated to the memory of Msgr. Schraven and companions. A memory chapel is in construction in an aisle of the parish church in Broekhuizenvorst. At the moment this order is looked after by the whole directory, especially the DB.

2. Workgroup study and beatification

The order is to investigate the historical facts and publications around Msgr. Schraven and companions and so to contribute to a possible beatification process.

Wiel Bellemakers, lazarist (Nijmegen)
Marja Grim (Simpelveld)
Vincent Hermans (Simpelveld)

3. Workgroup memorabilia

The order is to collect and describe all memorable objects of Msgr.Schraven among relatives, to conserve and exhibit them.

Isabel Bakker-Schraven (Bosschenhoofd)
Paula Görtz (Beringe)
Marja Leyten-Schraven (Utrecht)
Netty Reijntjes (Venray)

4. Workgroup fundraising

The order is to look for funds to make the work for the foundation possible.

Harry Schraven (Venray)
Martijn Wintermans (Den Haag)

5. Workgroup publicity and communication

The order is to take care for publicity about Msgr. Schraven and companions, about activities of the foundation, and to see that there is a regular communication with the supporters of the foundation via a newsletter, and to develop an own website and other communicative means.

Isabel Bakker-Schraven (Bosschenhoofd)
Marja Leyten-Schraven (Utrecht)
Vincent Hermans (Simpelveld)

6. Workgroup activities.

The order is to create events such as an Msgr. Schraven commemoration. But all kinds of events can be developed.

Vincent Hermans (Simpelveld)

We are still in need of many hands to be able to realise our plans. Who wants to contribute one’s bit?

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